Take a website for a walk

What is leash?

Were you ever reading something on your phone and wanted to send it to a computer or a tablet for the bigger screen? or maybe you were browsing a shopping website and wanted to send it to your tablet so you can sit back on the couch and enjoy your shopping? or you were looking at a map or an address and wanted to send it to your phone so you can take it with you? Leash.co gives you a way to do all that! No matter what device or browser you're using. No apps or plug-ins to install.

Where do I sign up?

There is no need to sign up! All you need is a keyword

To save

just add leash.co/keyword/ before the the website's address (URL). Do this on the device you want to send from, we'll save that URL for you.

To load

On the receiving device, after you've saved a URL, just head to leash.co/keyword and we'll send you to the website you saved.


How do I get a keyword?

You don't. Use any word, or combination of words with no spaces, you want. Any word you use will automatically become a keyword. Just try to make it somewhat unique. Your twitter handler, your mother's middle name, get creative.

What happens if I save to the same keyword twice?

The newer URL will replace the older one. So, when you're done with a URL you can just use the same keyword again!

Are keywords saved forever?

Nope, they expire. But it's way more than enough time for you to transfer a website, even if one device is at the office and the other is at home.

Should the URL start with http or www ?

It could start with either, both, or neither. We'll take care.

How much does it cost?

Nothing. It's FREE!

Who made this awesome, awesome thing?

Why, thank you! I'm Ahmad Salman. You can find me here.